Summer 2017

Have a great summer

Welcome to Summer 2017!

Most students are out for the summer.

If your child is involved in a summer program, please call your school directly for any news or information you may need.

If your child is out for the summer, be sure to keep in touch!

You can follow us on



Call us at

ADS: 973-492-2025

RBS: 973-492-2079

BHS: 973-492-2000

Board Offices: 973-492-2025

Keep in Touch!

Alert System

Remember that you can update your Honeywell Instant Alert numbers at any time by going to:

Parent / Student Portals

Parent Portal:

Student Portal:

NOTE! for families who are new to the district (including incoming 9th Grade students from Bloomingdale, you will not be able to register for the service until later in the summer. You will receive a mailed packet of further information).

Current (June 2017) students and families of Butler Public schools – note that the parent and student portals will be closed for the summer. You may log in to view current (June 2017) grades and schedules only.