From the Butler Library – Baby Boxes

The Baby Box Company now at Butler Public Library
We are proud to announce that the Butler Public Library is now a Baby Box Distribution Center.  Baby Boxes are inspired by the maternity packages given to all expectant mothers in Finland.  They double as a baby starter kit and a safe sleep space for infants.  They are an initiative that is new to the United States as the purpose is to reduce infant mortality rates.  They are free to all expectant mothers through the Baby Box University and they include new parent essentials such as diapers, breast pads and more.
To claim your free baby box, register at:
Log on and watch a 10-15 minute training course for your region, after taking a quiz, you will receive a certificate of completion.  Print it out or take a screenshot and bring the certificate and the email address you used on Baby Box University to Butler Public Library and collect your Baby Box.  That’s it!
Congratulations on the birth of your little one, and welcome to the Baby Box Family!
Email for support if you have any trouble with the Baby Box University process.