September is Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Prevention

The month of September is Suicide awareness month. Within Butler Public Schools, we recognize that suicide is a complex issue that has daily impact on the lives. To support our our our students, staff, family and community members, BPS is offering several activities.

  • The District Mental Health Awareness committee members met on Sept 12. Tentatively the next meeting date will be Tuesday, December 5 at 7 PM in the BHS library. Any community member who is interested in joining this committee should contact Mr. Cardinale at
  • BPS has engaged with several mental health partners to provide more than 10 workshops throughout the course of this year. Select topics are available for Students, Families and Staff. Please visit out Mental Health Awareness Programs for more information.
  • Last, media plays a major part in our students’ lives. As a topic of conversation with others, or a moment of reflection, take a look at the MTV presentation of “1-800-273-8255” by Logic.

In addition to our Parent Workshop Series, our professional development and community outreach initiative includes:

  • Professional development for our administration, faculty & staff members in:
  • Awareness Training and Case Studies in Anxiety and Depression
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Everyday Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)
  • Intervention, Postvention, and Prevention Training through the Lifelines Curriculum

Training for community leaders, youth coaches and advisors in:

  • Youth Mental Heath First Aid
  • Question Persuade Refer Gatekeeping
  • Lifelines Health Curriculum

Through our curriculum and special events, the following are being provided for our students through grants and private donations:

  • Footprints (Grade 2)
  • Refuse, Remove, Reasons (grades 8&9)
  • Resiliency & Coping Skills Training ( grades 2-12)
  • Small Group Support (all grades)

We are very thankful for the resources and opportunities made available to us through community resources, grant opportunities and private donations. For more information and complete descriptions of our faculty, student, parent, and community programs, please visit our district web page at: