Mindful Parenting and Yoga for Children – Creating Connection Without Technology 1/10/18 – 6:PM-8:PM at Aaron Decker School

How we connect, listen, and respond to our children influences their learning, behavior and attention. Yet, the stress we encounter often interferes with our ability to communicate and our children’s ability to listen. We have all become overly dependent on technology. It keeps us informed about the world outside our home, however it dis-tracts us from the relationships within our home. Come explore how mindful practices can develop your own sense of inner peace and calm. Learn tools to build family connection and mutual understanding. Come and experience easy to implement, mindful techniques you can use anywhere and anytime. Simultaneously, we will be offer-ing mindful yoga classes for your children. Come together, or come on your own.

BHS Auditorium – Dec 2017 Update

Hidden Archway Found

The auditorium demolition is well underway. All seating and balcony wall partitions have been removed, the plaster ceiling is being removed, and electrical work is in progress.  We had a nice surprise when removed the ceiling tiles in front of the stage and discovered a beautiful wooden archway that had been covered up years ago. The sample chair is on display at the high school (photo here). If you would like to donate a chair to our project please click on the BHS Legacy Project link on our website. Thank you for your continued support.


Hidden Archway Found

Archway Uncovered

Auditorium Demolition - Walls Removed

Partitions Removed

BHS Auditorium Legacy Chair

Legacy Chair


Barbara Murphy

Business Administrator

Hall of Honor Nomination Drive

The BHS Hall of Honor Committee is calling for Nominations! Interested parties can submit nominations for qualified candidates to the BHS Hall of Honor Committee through January 2nd. Visit the Hall of Honor webpage for more information. Pictured are Hall of Honor Committee members Dan Hoflinger, Peggy Spranzani, Steve Mulligan, Mike VanZile, Gail Bignell, Heather Grecco, Meghan Walzer, Julia Placko.

Click here for the Hall of Honor Web Page


District Mental Health Awareness Committee

Butler Public Schools Interim Superintendent, Mario Cardinale, hosted the District Mental Health Awareness Committee meeting on Tuesday, September 12th. The district extends its thanks to the parents, administrators, local clergy, and community members who came out to provide input and support the initiative. Tentatively the next meeting date will be Tuesday, December 5 at 7 PM in the BHS library. Any community member who is interested in joining this committee should contact Mr. Cardinale at mcardinale@butlerboe.org.