Parents Guide to Bullying -HIB Procedures



     On Back-to-School Night, Mr. Clark gave a presentation in the gym regarding Bullying and the procedures and guidelines surrounding it.  The information he shared is directly from the NJ State website. The presentation is available at the link below.

HIB Presentation

      The additional link below will take you to the NJ Department of Education website he used.  This document will elaborate on the NJ State requirements and explain the required procedures we must follow.  The document will also help you to understand the definition of Bullying as it applies to NJ Schools.

Please be assured that every incident reported may not be considered bullying but all incidents must be addressed either through our Code of Conduct or our Anti-Bullying Policy.  You will always be notified, both in writing and verbally, if an accusation has been made and/or you child is involved in an incident.