Student Assistance Counselor


The BHS SAP was designed to help students and families with issues that may be a barrier to the student’s success here at Butler High School.  Personal problems play a large part in a student’s academic failure:

* Lack of organizational skills

* Bullying, crime, violence

* Alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems – parent’s substance abuse included

* Teen sexuality, diet and exercise and other health issues

* Lack of social skills such as communication, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, anger management, coping and identifying feelings

 WANT TO TALK … but feel afraid? Communicating with the Student Assistance Counselor is a confidential venue to share your feelings and work through your problems. 

Having courage means being brave. It takes courage to do something that’s difficult.   Courage does not mean being fearless; it means having the strength to face a difficult situation even though you are afraid.                                                        

Mrs. Robin Lavorato, Certified Prevention Specialist can be seen in the Guidance Department. 

(973) 492-2000 X1526                        

Butler High School  38 Bartholdi Avenue  Butler NJ  07405


Need someone to talk to?  Family issues, stress, loneliness, depression, suicide?  Call 24 hour hotline (908) 232-2880  This is anonymous and confidential. 




A national survey showed that 1 out of 7 students, aged 12 to 19, are overweight in America.  Students that are overweight are absent more than students who are not, they also are bullied more.  Being overweight increases your risk of many serious diseases.  Many students who are overweight are unhappy and even depressed.

The past two decades the number of students who are overweight has nearly doubled!!  Why?  America super-sizes everything, we need to cut down on our portions!  Load up on vegetables if you want to fill up your plate.  Get outside and play – teens aren’t too old to play!  Play not only keeps you fit it builds socialization skills.  Put together a game of kick ball, football or man hunt.  Put the computer away, turn off the television and video games, leave your phone alone for an hour – don’t worry you can read your text messages later!  Sitting around is putting pounds on teens!  Give up soda, high sugar coffees and juices, energy drinks, chips, French fries, fast food, white bread/rice/pasta (try whole wheat), cakes, cookies and ice cream for one month and see how great you feel!



Are you getting enough sleep?  Chances are, the answer is no.  The National Sleep Foundation reports that 85 percent of teens don’t get enough sleep.

Your body needs sleep, at the least 9 hours a night!  Check out all the problems you face when you don’t get enough sleep; learning is impaired, you’re athletic performance can be reduced by 11 percent, risk of catching a cold or the flu, bad mood, irritable and more aggressive.

Coffee, soda, chocolate and other foods with caffeine may cause difficulty sleeping.  And nicotine in cigarettes.  Also taking a nap after school, erratic schedule, bright lights coming in your bedroom, having a computer or television in your bedroom and sleeping with your phone!!  So what should you do?  Stay on a schedule, go to bed the same time every night (or as many as possible), do not sleep with the television or computer on, charge your phone in another room when you sleep, not your bedroom!  Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.  Do something relaxing before bed. 



Cancer cells can develop when certain external factors such as smoke (from smoking) or the sun damage DNA.  Skin cancer is the uncontrolled division of cells often due to UV Ray exposure.  1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer some time in their life.  One blistering sunburn in childhood more than doubles a person’s chances of melanoma later in life.  Skin cancer is the second most common cancer found in girls aged 20 to 29.

Tanning beds put you at risk for skin cancer.  World Health Organization linked sunbed tanning amongst young people to melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer.  A study shows a 75% increase in risk of melanoma fro those who begin using tanning beds in their teens and twenties. 

Protect Yourself:  Do not use tanning beds, use sunscreen always, wear hats and other cover ups in the sun.  Sun is strongest between 10AM and 4PM – 80% of UV Rays come through clouds. 

Check yourself for strange moles, sores that won’t heal, itchy red patches of skin … For more information check out



Tattoos – so why do so many young people want tattoos?  Is it a sign of communication?  Are teens just being rebellious, taking a risk?  Is it just a whim of the moment or is it an emotional statement?  Whatever the reasons, getting a tattoo comes with risks:  they are expensive and addicting, can cause allergic reactions, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections, hepatitis and can be very painful.  If not done by a certified professional who keeps his tools clean, getting a tattoo can put you at risk for HIV or Hepatitis B and C. 

If you decide to get a tattoo think long and hard about where you want it, where you will want it 20 years from now when you’re working or on the beach with your kids …  Remember the “lower back tattoos” all the girls were getting a few years back – now their out of style … and can’t be erased!  And make sure you research who is going to be doing the tattoo.  Be safe, not sorry.


Tongue Piercing – Again, why teens were piercing their tongues, I don’t know?  Luckily, this too is going out of style!!  ( I had a waitress with a tongue ring who drooled on our table when she was taking our order, GROSS!) Tongue Piercing also comes with risks; chipped teeth, damaged gums, damaged nerves, scar tissue, brain abscesses and excessive bleeding which will need to be surgically stopped.  Again, if you decide this is what you want … (most states need parental permission) make sure the person piercing you is certified to do so. 



For more information on teen health issues check out:


A promise from a parent of a Butler High School Student


As a parent, I am concerned with the high rate of underage drinking and its serious consequences.  Merchants are required to check identifications of those who purchase alcohol to ensure they are twenty one.  Unfortunately, most kids do not get their alcohol from merchants – THEY GET IT FROM THEIR HOMES!

Yes, it’s true, most underage drinkers report that they get their alcohol from their own parents, siblings or parents of their friends.

I am signing this letter to allow other community parents to know that …

I pledge to refrain from serving alcohol at any parties, including graduation parties, to my children and their friends. I will also make sure alcohol is not being served to my children at parties they attend.  I am proud to join BHS Parents For Prevention Campaign to help keep children safe by preventing underage drinking.

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Please sign and return to Robin Lavorato, SAC at   Or mail to BHS 38 Bartholdi Avenue Butler NJ  07405   FAX (973) 492-0577