Test Prep

It is important to prepare for any test you take. Review books can be found at bookstores, but there are also many options of prep classes you can sign up for. The following is a list of some classes available in the area. Some are online, while others are in-class. They vary in price, and companies may have different packages with different pricing as well. None of these are recommended over the other, but are simply a compilation of some available resources.

Also take advantage of the SAT/ACT Prep course offered right here at BHS through ESC!  Information for this course will be released as each new class opens for enrollment.

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.”
-Henry Ford


Kaplan is offering free online PSAT prep sessions based on skill area.  If you would like to review for the PSAT, consider checking out some of their one hour sessions.  More information can be found at :


On Oct 8th, Kaplan is admistering a free  combo practice test to help you determine whether you would do better on the SAT vs ACT.  They are also offering numerous free SAT/ACT practice tests and score reviews.

Visit https://www.kaptest.com/college-prep/getting-into-college/free-practice-test for more information and to register.




Community College Placement Testing:

Some companies that produce prep books (Can be found at most bookstores): This includes PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, and AP exams

Princeton Review

“Kaplan’s SAT & ACT Cram Sessions are intensive, 90-minute online classes taught by top-rated Kaplan instructors. We’ll cover the most important material to boost students’ scores on what students find to be the most challenging exam sections: SAT Math, SAT Critical Reading, ACT Math & ACT Science.

In each session, students will learn:

The section structure and question types

  • 10 of Kaplan’s top score-raising strategies
  • Tips for time management during the test
  • A recommended study plan every day until Test Day
  • ADDED BONUS! Get extra practice free with Kaplan’s SAT or ACT QuizBank for more review before the exam!

Space is limited! View dates & enroll now at www.kaptest.com/countdown. ”  Usually $19.99, this session is free!

Upcoming SAT Cram Sessions™

  • Cram Session™ for SAT Math – $19.99!
  • Saturday, Jan 16, 1:30pm ET | 12:30pm CT | 10:30am PT

Cram Session™ for SAT Critical Reading – $19.99!

  • Saturday, Jan 16 4:00pm ET | 3:00pm CT | 1:00pm PT