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 If you are interested in participating in a college level sport, the courses you take are important.  You should investigate eligibility requirements as early as freshmen year.  The NCAA is the largest collegiate athletic conference.  Within the NCAA there are 3 levels: Division I, II, and III.  Only Division I and II schools have academic eligibility requirements.  Keep in mind that not all courses offered at BHS are NCAA approved courses.  Make sure you are on track to fulfill all core course requirements by the NCAA.  Remember that meeting NCAA requirements is not the same as meeting admissions requirements, and does not guarantee admission to the school.
Competing at the collegiate level can be a rewarding experience, but make sure you choose a college, not a team.  You should choose a school that you will be happy at even if you stop playing a sport.
Click here for NCAA’s Initial Eligibility Information Presentation
Did you know? Only about 2% of high school athletes receive athletic scholarships to compete in college.  For more information on athletic scholarships, click here: NCAA Athletic Scholarships.

Estimated Probability of Competing in Athletics Beyond the High School Interscholastic Level

Student-Athletes Men’s Basketball Women’s Basketball Football Baseball Men’s Ice Hockey Men’s Soccer
High School Student Athletes 545,844 438,933 1,108,441 471,025 36,912 398,351
High School Senior Student Athletes 155,955 125,409 316,697 134,579 10,546 113,815
NCAA Student Athletes 17,500 15,708 67,887 31,264 3,944 22,573
NCAA Freshman Roster Positions 5,000 4,488 19,396 8,933 1,127 6,449
NCAA Senior Student Athletes 3,889 3,491 15,086 6,948 876 5,016
NCAA Student Athletes Drafted 48 32 255 806 11 49
Percent High School to NCAA 3.2% 3.6% 6.1% 6.6% 10.7% 5.7%
Percent NCAA to Professional 1.2% 0.9% 1.7% 11.6% 1.3% 1.0%
Percent High School to Professional 0.03% 0.03% 0.08% 0.60% 0.10% 0.04%

Note: These percentages are based on estimated data and should be considered approximations of the actual percentages. (

The 3 largest collegiate conferences are:


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Things to be aware of:
– Pre-Enrollment Amateurism Bylawswomanathlete
– Recruiting terms
-New NCAA academic requirements starting August 2016:
There is also a useful check list here: