Willy Wonka Cast and Crew

The world is anxious and excited when chocolate and candy maker Willy Wonka announces that 5 golden tickets granting access to his factory are to be found in his famous Wonka chocolate bars. For young Charlie, finding the ticket would be a dream come true. The family has little money and his father lost his job, but his Grandpa Joe encourages him to have faith and keep a positive attitude. The one chocolate bar he buys doesn’t have a ticket but when he finds a dollar on the street and gets another, he strikes gold at last. The 5 children are admitted to the factory and find a wonderland of candies and chocolate. Willie Wonka tells them they can have anything they want – but he is definitely looking for something in return. It turns out that the only good one is Charlie who gets rewarded in the end!

Pictured: the cast, crew, and directors for this year’s Willy Wonka 2016! Come out and have the time of your life as you enter athe magical world of chocolate!!!!

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