Sean Mefford Signs with Sacred Heart University

The Butler High School Administration and Athletic Department is very pleased to announce that Sean Mefford has committed to attend Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut for the fall of 2016.  Mefford has signed on to be a member of the Pioneers Division I Football Team.  As a scholar athlete Mefford’s courses include AP Psychology, AP English Literature & Composition, AP-Weighted Physiology and Calculus Honors.  While taking advanced classes and playing sports, Mefford still maintains honor roll status.


Mefford’s athletic career started at the age of six when he joined the Butler Junior Bulldogs program where he played for eight years leading up to his Butler High School career.  Sean served all four years of high school on the Executive Board for the Student Council.  His positions included President and Vice-President and for the past two years, he is a Board of Ed representative whose duties include but not limited to attending the monthly meetings with an up-to-date report.  Sean has also been the PEER Leader for four years and is currently serving as Vice-President.    Mefford is a biology/pre-med major and his interest is in orthopedic medicine.