Technology Skills

My-computer-iconThe PARCC website has Math and English/Language Arts question prototypes which will allow teachers and students to preview/practice what taking the test online will be like.

An important consideration for online testing is the student’s ability to interact with a device to answer the assessment question.  In addition to the student being able to read and understand the question, the student must be able to figure out the answer and use technology skills to input the answer.  Likewise, students must know what to do to submit or reset their answer, and know how to navigate to the next test screen.

Technology skills which are taught in our schools and are needed by our students to take this online assessment include:

  • Keyboarding
  • Cut and paste
  • Drag and drop
  • Selecting text
  • Using on-screen calculators
  • Manipulating graphs
  • Running simulations
  • Changing font size and background color
  • Knowing when to select multiple answers (square boxes) and when to select only one (circles)

PARCC Sample Tests


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