BHS Mission Honor Veterans Project


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact if I have a question and want to communicate directly with someone? You can contact Steve Mulligan at 973-356-9342 or stevem3@optonline.net OR Ray Bossard at Cav1st4th@aol.com


Are veterans responsible for sponsoring their pavers or donating in any way? NO! The BHS Mission Honor Veterans Project is a THANK YOU to all BHS veterans from the Bulldog community.

If a veteran a veteran listed on the Submission List isn’t sponsored, will they still be included in the monument? YES! Multiple sponsorships of the same veteran will be used to help sponsor other veterans, and the additional fundraising streams (Thank You pavers, Donations, Corporate Sponsorship) will help to fund any remaining unsponsored veterans.

How do I know what veterans are available to sponsor? A current list of veterans who have been submitted or certified by another proofed veteran can be seen at http://www.butlerboe.org/veterans/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CurrentList-of­Submissions.pdf

What if more than one person sponsors an individual veteran? All individuals sponsoring a veteran will be listed on the ceremony booklet by the sponsored veteran’s name, but the funding from multiple sponsorships for one veteran will be used to help fund veterans not sponsored.

Will my sponsorship of a veteran be listed somewhere? All veteran sponsors will be listed in the ceremony booklet by the name of the veteran they sponsor.

Will my purchase of a Thank You paver be listed anywhere? The paver will be incorporated in the walkway of the monument, which will in effect be the permanent listing.

Will my donation be listed anywhere? Donations will be listed in the donation section of the ceremony booklet, if the donor wants to be listed and signifies that on the Donation form.


What type of information can I put on Thank You paver? Information can be as simple as purchaser’s individual or family name with class dates, if appropriate or a generic message of thanks or appreciation from an individual or family or mention of a specific veteran from a friend or family. Almost whatever will fit in the Thank You form at http://www.butlerboe.org/veterans/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/THANK-YOU-PAVER-ORDER­FORM.pdf

What if you don’t raise sufficient funds to meet the targeted Veterans 2016 date for the monument to be completed? It will be postponed until sometime in 2017. This is why it is so important for the committee to meet its funding goals during the Summer of 2016.

Can I sponsor more than one veteran? You can sponsor as many veterans as you wish and multiplltiple benches and e sponsorships are welcomed. You name will be listed by each veteran you sponsored in the ceremony booklet.

Can I sponsor a Veteran and also purchase a Thank You paver? Donations via multiple methods is appreciated and welcomed!

Will there be only one bench and one flag to sponsor and will there be only one sponsor per? We will accept donations for multiple benches and incorporate them in the final detailed design. Right now were are accepting only one sponsor for the flag, as only one flag is planned for the design.

Are there any planned fundraising events (i.e. beefsteaks, car washes, Field of Flags)? Not at this time. If needed funds can’t be raised this summer, the installation will be put of until next year and fundraising events will be planned.


What do I have to do to submit my information for inclusion in the monument? Veterans or family/friends can submit by printing out the form at http://www.butlerboe.org/veterans/wp­content/uploads/2016/06/VeteransForm2015-07-04-1653.pdf , provide the proof of service mentioned on the form and sending in using the information on the form.


When is installation planned and will there be a ceremony? If the needing funding can be obtained, installation will be in October of 2016. A ceremony is planned for Saturday May 20, 2017.  If you wish to support the BHS Mission Honor Veterans Monument, NOW is the time!