BHS Auditorium – January 2018 Update

BHS Renovation Feb 2018 - 1

The BHS Auditorium Renovation is well underway!  As to be expected since we are working in a building that was built in 1922, we have had our share of surprises as we tear down ceilings, walls and partitions. Some surprises were good (the grand archway!) others not so good (rotting plaster under the balcony ceiling, abandoned lighting, etc.).  We are raising the ceiling to accommodate the discovery of the archway, which entails five additional feet of sheet rock all around the top of the walls. We are addressing all issues as they arise and promise that when all is said and done the auditorium will be grand!

Please consider donating a chair with a commemorative donor’s plaque to support this project.  

If you would like to donate a chair to our project please click on the BHS Legacy Project link on our website. Thank you for your continued support.

BHS Renovation Feb 2018 - 2

BHS Renovation Feb 2018 – 2

BHS Renovation Feb 2018 - 1

BHS Renovation Feb 2018 – 1

Barbara Murphy
Business Administrator




BHS Auditorium Legacy Project