Alert System

2017-12-05 – Tips on Adjusting your Alert Settings

Parents & Families: Your main phone is registered with the Honeywell Instant Alert system. You may want to log in and create additional notifications. Please read the help documents as listed.

Additional Information:  Welcome Back Communications Letter 2017

If you did not get all of the alerts that you expected, please check your alert settings:

New 2017:

Log into Honeywell with your username / password.

1. Click on “my profile”
2. Click on your name – You should see all of the phone numbers you have put in.
3. Click on “alert setup”
4. Determine what gets called when, by checking the appropriate boxes.

The Butler Public School District has chosen to adopt the Honeywell Alert notification system. This system allows the district as well as the schools to send voice messages to multiple phone numbers for each family. You may access the system through the

Honeywell Alert site. 

How Does It Work?

At the time of registration for your child, you are given a form to complete which includes your name, address and home phone. Once received, the district sets up basic information for you in the Alert system. You will then be able to go to the Internet and complete your registration process. You will be able to create a unique password and enter multiple phone numbers as you wish.

There are generally two different types of communication events: general announcements and elevated emergencies.

General Announcements

Under most circumstances, the phone numbers that you indicate are “Primary” and “Alternate” will be called for general announcements. Examples of general announcements include weather related delays, early dismissals, and closings.

Elevated Emergencies

In this situation, ALL of the phone numbers that you have given us will be notified. Examples of Elevated Emergencies include evacuation, or crisis.

Our ability to deliver messages to you is only as successful as the contact information we have for you. Please make sure that we have the most current phone information for you. If your information changes, please call your child’s school and let us know immediately.


The communication system will have a caller ID of Butler Public Schools. The system will leave a message on an answering machine or voicemail system, but it is not compatible with 100% of all systems.

The phone message may start before your recording system starts. All school personnel using the system will try to repeat the message so that your systems may catch the entire message.

If you have any questions about a weather related closings, each school’s main phone number will have an announcement indicating that they are closed.

What if I get a call but don’t have a student in the school district?

This happens for multiple reasons; you have a new phone number which was previously used by someone in our system, or we mistyped a phone number. In any case, we will correct the problem as soon as we can. Please call the main number of any of the district’s schools or Board office and report the number that is being called.

  • Aaron Decker School 973-492-2037 x 3500
  • Richard Butler School 973-492-2079 x 2500
  • Butler High School 973-492-2000 x 1500