BHS Mission Honor Monument Expansion

On May 20, 2017, Butler High School held the dedication ceremony for its BHS Mission Honor Veterans Monument. A copy of an article that appeared in the Record regarding the ceremony can be found here. At the time the dedication, the commission had found 922 veterans who had attended Butler High School and served our country. There are presently over 1,000 veterans pavers in the monument. The Current Submission/Locator link below will bring you to a listing of installed pavers and provide a guide to find the veteran’s paver in the monument.

Current Sumbission/Locator

Thanks to the dedication of Helen Micklitz to her veterans, the commission has identified an additional 500 individuals deserving to be in the monument, with the potential of finding at least another 1,000 or 2,000 in the remainder of her archives. You can read about it in the Onion and the BHS Mission Honor Project by clicking here. With only 200 blank pavers left, the Butler Board of Education approved plans for the expansion of the monument will have to be expanded. It will:

  • Extend the paver footprint 12’ towards the sign and install approximately 500 more pavers
  • Place a low finishing wall to the front of the monument
  • Build a monument within the monument (MiM) to hold the large # of veteran’s names we have uncovered. The tiles used will be 1/10 the size of a paver, but hold the same information. The number of panels will be determined by the # of new BHS veterans identified by January 31. Each panel can house approximately 500 names. Move the American to the center of the MiM.
  • Add the seven service flags to the monument
  • Add two or more display flags, similar to the Pentagon flag display, which were flown over various governmental buildings and Iraq in honor of BHS Mission Honor
  • Move bench to one side and add a new bench to the other
  • Remove the grass and landscape the front area from the new wall to the sidewalk and place retaining wall around the sign
  • Make the Thank You walkway 100% ADA compliant

In order to expand, we have established a few fundrasing opportunities for you to consider. The BLUE UNDERLINED links will take you to the description and forms for each of the fundraisers.

Veteran Flag Fundraiser

Veteran Storyboard Fundraiser

Thank You Paver

These pavers now make up the walkway leading into the main body of the monument. The cost of the paver is $200 and will give the donor the opportunity to provide a personal message to our veterans.

IMG_5488 (1)

Sponsor a Veteran

General Donation

Bench, Flags and Display Sponsorships

If you are a BHS Veteran or a loved one of a BHS veterans and wish to have a paver placed you can use the Submission Form below.

Submission Form

We have also had the honor of presenting diplomas to 21 deserving veterans, family or friends for veterans who had left school before graduating to serve, during wartime, and never had the opportunity get their diplomas. If you or someone you know were never able to get their diploma, you can grab the form below. We will work to get them the recognition they deserve and end this chapter for them and their families.

Operation Recoginitation Form

Since the Butler Monument is meant to model for other schools to undertake their own Mission Honor Projects, it is the hope that the Mission Honor concept will spread to other local school, regionally and even nationally. To help other schools get started, a simple project plan with needs, budget, timing has been documented and is available by clicking on the Project Plan Overview below. The project was a contained self-funded program, which required no financial support from the school and no large-scale fundraising activities.

Project Plan Overview

If have any questions, you can contact:

Steve Mulligan


Ray Bossard


THANK YOU to all our veterans for your service!!!