Contact Directory: District

District Information

Interim Superintendent: Mr. Mario Cardinale x 6510

Secretary to the Superintendent: Mrs. Debbie Priestner x 6510

School Business Administrator: Mrs Barbara Murphy x 6500

Secretary to the Business Administrator: Mrs. Jill Thomas x 6500

Accounts Payable: Ms Katherine Hiromoto x 6501

Payroll & Benefits Ms. Pam Vargas x 6502

Director of Curriculum: Mr. Martin Wall x 6508

Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds: Mr. Carl Johnson x 6512

Supervisor of Technology Ms. Evelyn Horner x 1575

Special Services & Student Support

Director Mr. Mario Cardinale x 6510

Secretary Special Services: Mrs. Laurie Hettel  x 6507

Secretary Special Services: Mrs. Joanne Jerez x  6506

Child Study Team

LDTC: Ms J. Kertesz x3551

Psychologist: Ms. J. McClane x3550

Social Worker: Ms. M. Milne x1550

Psychologist: Ms. K. Stern x2550

LDTC: Mrs R Vetter x1551


Food Services: Maschio’s x  1530