Mission Statement:

Technologies should be used to support, enhance, and optimize the educational endeavors of the district in a coordinated fashion spanning all grade levels, disciplines, and programs where appropriate.  Technology should be used to foster equity among all students, regardless of the socioeconomic status, race gender or disabilities.

The district should support the efforts of students, teachers, administrators and staff to: develop understanding, self confidence, comfort and skills in the use of appropriate tools, learn to adapt to new technologies that show promise, and use technology effectively and efficiently.  The district should also harness the potential of technology to foster opportunities for the community to become a partner in the district’s educational enterprise.


  • Ms E. Horner, District Supervisor of Technology & Committee Chairperson
  • Mr. M. Cardinale, Interim Superintendent
  • Ms. A. Vladichak , Curriculum & Instruction
  • Mr. M. Wall, BHS Principal
  • Mr. J. Manco, RBS Principal
  • Mrs. V. Scala, ADS Principal
  • Ms. M. Lynch, District Supervisor of Math, Science & Business
  • Mr. K Reagan, District Supervisor of Language Arts, Social Studies & World Languages

Teachers / Counselors

  • Mrs. L. Lowndes
  • Mrs. W. Gorecki
  • Mr. J. Brohm
  • Mr. M. Henaghen

Media Center Specialists

  • Mrs. B. Fodor
  • Mrs. M. Hennig