About Working Papers

  • Students under the age of 18 require working papers to gain employment.  Working papers are now digital.  Keep in mind that you must have separate working papers for each employer.  You must also fill out new working papers after age 15, as the laws for 14&15 year olds are different than 16&17 year olds.  Click the link below to create an account and begin filling out your digital working papers.

    This information is copied from the NJ Dept of Labor and Workforce Development.  You may also find some of the links listed helpful.

Child Labor

  • The Child Labor Law enforced by all units within the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance protects minors from working excessive hours and under hazardous conditions. For workers under the age of 18 there are limits on the number of hours per day and per week, limits on the actual hours of work, and restrictions on the types of work which can be performed.

    Below are the requirements which apply to all minors:

    • They must have an employment certificate, also commonly referred to as “working papers” or a special permit in order to be employed;
    • They must have a separate working paper for each employer;
    • They must be given a 30 minute meal break after five consecutive hours of work.

    The remainder of the requirements vary depending upon the age of the minor, the type of work or industry, and whether the work is being performed while school is in session.

    Below is a list of jobs minors can perform and also a list of prohibited occupations. This list is far from all inclusive and the opportunities listed are subject to non-performance of the hazardous and dangerous activities listed below.


    Additional information can be obtained by calling the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance at (609) 292-2305.