• Welcome to the Butler School District's Curriculum Site!

    The Butler School District is committed to providing our students the best, research-based, standards-aligned curricula that will prepare them for college and careers. The administrators and teachers in the Butler School District are committed to writing, researching, and producing curricula in all subject areas that reflect the most current, research based instructional and assessment strategies available at the time.  These strategies are continually updated and refined as new knowledge and pedagogy becomes widely accepted and proven successful in the field of education. In an effort to stay current with new standards and mandates, we participate in a rigorous and in-depth curriculum review and revision cycle for each department, every 5 years. Our goals for the curriculum revision process are to:

    • provide curricula that is rigorous for each learning;
    • provide units that allow for a variety of ways to demonstrate mastery; 
    • emphasize high expectations for performance;
    • integrate technology, collaboration, and inquiry;
    • emphasize personal and school level accountability.


    Please visit our STEAM or Humanities department pages by clicking on the links to the left! There, you will find our curriculum documents for specific courses and grade levels. 

    You can also view our newsletters below to see what kind of work we're doing in the curriculum department.